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"Integrity walks hand and hand with the ability to defend! For a martial artist to travel with the means to protect they must have the consciousness of honor."



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                 THE WARRIOR SPIRIT

                                               A Hero

A hero is a person who when adversity strikes has the ability to focus, and then find their inner strength to face the challenge. They do not have to be famous, but can be a parent protecting a child from harm or a child who faces a grown-up problem with determination.

                (This is the spirit of a true Martial Artist!)

A hero is someone who never runs from mistakes made by hiding from their responsibilities, consoling them self and showing no remorse to the victims in their path! Remember, a martial artist in the face of any obstacle will always protect their vulnerable spots and never step back. They may step to the side to set-up their position, but always has forward momentum!

- CS Orobono

Fostering Elite's Warrior Spirit

"For a tree to grow strong & tall spreading its branches out towards the landscape it must foster and develop a sturdy foundation. This base allows for the heavy burden of life experience and with a constant sprinkling of knowledge, will ultimately lead to the inner strength of wisdom. The Elite Warrior path is not effortless but with unwavering determination and support the sapling will grow into a
mighty oak!"

                                             C.S. Orobono

The Warrior Path


Shihan Ralph Orobono, 8th Degree

I. The ability to walk away from a fight without having to fight. The first thing martial artist's learn is fighting is a last resort. You must have knowledge of the situation and then the skills to respond to it! This is why martial arts is not a quick fix. It takes years of consistency in training and self-discipline before a student is comfortable in their skill to act. That sense of assurance comes from the knowledge that one has prepared properly and that clear headedness will deliver the proper response.

II. A true Warrior must be in control at all times. A martial artist knows that their fellow students are a means to train and learn (not a punching bag to feed their ego). A student who has a black belt must never use that knowledge to overpower another student. That skill should be used to help the lower belt student learn. A martial artist never physically or mentally abuses anyone. Control is such an important part of the martial artist existence. To be a true martial artist, one must train hard. But, also be a good individual in every aspect of their life. Always remember that a powerful kick and fast punch will never eclipse the value of living a virtuous life
(which is an essential part of training).

III. Warrior, the moment has come to stop and ponder what keeps a Martial Artist true to their craft. (Being genuine means to continue to train and bring the best of you out from within.) Is it the goal of achieving one’s Black Belt the reason for training? Or is it the knowledge in ones ability to protect? What stops a Martial Artist in the continuance of becoming a true modern warrior?

IV. One of the most difficult aspects of instruction is the strengthening of ones character. Most modern Martial Artist train several hours a week for years to achieve their black belt, but the mental training never stops. Developing the traits of integrity, consideration, respect, loyalty, self-confidence & self-discipline is also an integral part of martial arts. This aspect is the reason the martial arts have survived and evolved for thousands of years. Bringing forth and living the honorable way is a very arduous path. Having the ability to face ones inner weaknesses and not give in to them is difficult. But if you listen and learn from a virtuous instructor you will become and live the life of a true warrior!

V. Dear students, our warriors focus has been on your training and the inner traits that develop because of learning and living as a true martial artist. Now is the time to stop and look at the environment around you. Everyone needs to give thanks for every aspect of their lives and to give back to the community in which they live. You have the ability to bring the best of you out from within by helping others. Doing this of you own accord, not wanting anything in return. What are the ways you can help? Take the first step, you cannot imagine how wonderful it feels to unselfishly help others!

VI. Warrior, it is time to address one's action outside the martial arts studio. A true warrior is respectful, considerate, disciplined and have self-control at all times. The training a martial artist receives is not just about having the ability to protect, but also being courteous. At a recent martial arts tournament, many competitors were more concerned with winning then gaining knowledge and experience from the event. A young competitor actually struck a judge while performing his Bo-staff Kata. He became belligerent with the judges who informed him that he was disqualified, you must have control of your weapon at all times. The young man continued his tirade until the head of the tournament relented and gave this student a first place belt. After the episode the martial artist would walk past the judges making facial expressions and showing the judge his award. This is so disrespectful, as a martial artist your expectations should be learning and evolving from life experiences, not getting what you desire. There is no virtue in obtaining achievements in this matter. This is not bringing out your best!











VIII. If you are in street clothes and not wearing your martial arts uniform, is your demeanor still the same? A martial artist shows respect and consideration to those around them no matter what they are wearing. This is part of a warrior's training, to instill this attitude as the norm! Recently, at a martial arts event several individuals were only concerned with their accolades and were very disruptive to those around their table. At this table the individuals were ignoring the awards of others, to the point no one could hear the name and the achievement. How sad these individuals have missed the mark of what it means to be a true martial artist! This is not just about ability, but martial arts is about developing the inner qualities of respect, consideration, integrity, confidence, discipline and determination...

IX. A gauntlet has been thrown, this means a challenge has been presented. The question is do you rise to face and accept it or choose to walk away! In life you will have many confrontations directed towards you, but the difficult decision is do you have to deal with all that is placed in front of you? Always look at the issue from your perspective never the aggressor's, but try to understand their point of view! This Warrior Path chapter is one of the most perplexing you will have to deal with in your life. Sometimes there is a difference of opinion and someone will try to push their views onto you. Remember Warrior we all walk an individual path, so everyone's journey differs. So you must do what fits you! The problem is there are so many variables to any challenge. There is a way to look at this challenge by recognizing if the individual presenting this diatribe is not facing their test! Making things easier for someone is not the warrior way. To achieve in life and in martial arts we must put our heads down and work! So this is one way you know it is okay not to pick up the glove! Life is not easy and another way to decide is to ask a mentor for advice. There is no shame in seeking help! But as you mature and you have set strong precedent addressing challenges, you will become comfortable in your decisions. A true Warrior will always try to learn from each and every challenge. If you gain wisdom from these Warrior Path chapters, and continue to train you are living the life of a true martial artist!

X.  Facing the inner weaknesses of our thoughts, recognizing this is a test of character is difficult. Our youth and sometimes teens run to their parents for comfort, to make it right! But, in martial arts students must face this challenge by focusing on their training and practice. Board breaking is the perfect test of this determination. As a student progresses through this discipline they start to master certain breaks with specific board sizes. But, at Elite M.M.A. Center we have our students progress to larger boards and more complicated breaks. Why? We are teaching your child to never give up, train hard and achieve! At Elite we would never put our students in a "no win" situation. We are teaching your child to dig deep and pull out the necessary tools to meet the goal. Life is much more difficult then breaking a board. Elite is giving your child the knowledge of:

Board Breaking is mind over matter.

•The board represents a goal that can only be reached by total commitment.

•The actual break represents achievement.

•Achievement is something that no one can give; it can only be earned through hard work and perseverance.

•Any goal that is worth having is worth working for.

•They are also learning how to defend them self against multiple attackers.

Parents encourage your child to face this new challenge, tell them they can do this and Elite's instructors are there for them. Reassure them you are proud of them whether they break a board or not. Do not offer a prize. Remember, Elite M.M.A Center students are learning, "To become the best they can be!"

                 "ELITE MASTERS AWARD"

Confidence is one of the many facets in the foundation at Elite Mixed Martial Arts Center

Consistency in training instills that sense of self-assurance

It is a path that must be traveled with diligence

Sometimes the martial artist wants to stop training due to the difficult challenges they must face

Why work so hard?

Living and life are about "Bringing the best out of what each individual can be!" The martial art is a means to develop this  inner perseverance...

Martial Arts is about determination, not taking the easy path, but persevering

Elite Mixed Martial Arts Center is a place where you can be tested and to learn about creating a strong resolve

Yes, this long and arduous path is a means for the martial artist to connect to their true spirit

To most martial artist's this path's ultimate goal is representative in achieving their black belt

Believing they have reached their aperture.

But at Elite Martial Arts Center, the students learn that there is much more inside of them and they have not reached their pinnacle.

As human beings we will be tested our entire life

Elite Mixed Martial Arts Center motto;

Endurance & Loyalty comes from the heart. Intensity & Technique comes from the mind and Energy comes from the soul

“You will have the courage to face any obstacle if you put your heart, mind and soul into it!”

It is amazing when a student earns their black belt and black pants are added to their uniform.

A sense of confidence is born within the student when they become a member of the Elite Black belt Club.

The Elite Master Award is given to a new black belt student who continues their training and begins mentoring
lower belt students. Thus, continuing their journey of self awakening, "To be the best they can be!"

Disability to Ability in Martial Arts

by C.S.Orobono

     My husband and I faced some significant decisions in 1993; our son was diagnosed with a neurological disorder. This medical condition manifested a journey our family has traveled for over twenty years. As a result, we have come to embrace the qualities of martial arts and its traditions. Thus, turning this experience into a way to help others!

The start of this mission was due to James' inability at age two to speak, a lack of cognitive skills, and very disruptive behavior! Our family physician recommended James see a Pediatric Neurologist. Upon this appointment, she reviewed her diagnostic results. James needed special classes to teach him a new way to process so he could learn.

The Specialist informed us physically, James would never be athletic, unable even to ride a bike or have the ability to drive a car. In front of him, she explained he would be limited in what he could accomplish. She squelched within James his future. But, my husband and I were unwavering in helping our son reach for his dreams!

From age three, James started riding a bus to school; Colonial Regional Intermediate Unit teachers had the drive, focus and skills to help him! James was progressing regarding school work but was having difficulties with physical tasks. As parents, we saw our son suffering, trying as hard as he could to remember how to catch or throw a baseball. Yet, James was determined to learn how to ride a bike to fit in with his peers!

We were heartbroken seeing the suffering our son was experiencing. What could we do to help James? Hence, our enthusiasm for martial arts was born. At seven years old, James started classes at a local karate program. He struggled but persevered through all belt testing, learning Kata's and the ultimate, his black belt! We witnessed the intense classes as he prepared for his first black belt. Suddenly, James started having facial tics and night seizures, so we immediately took him to a new Pediatric Neurologist.

This Specialist explained that James would grow out of the night seizures and that martial arts was an ideal sport for him to join. From James' first neurological tests as a young child, he had improved! She explained how martial arts is 24/7 and progressive because of the goals set for each belt level. But, the intense pressure he was experiencing in this program was overwhelming for someone with a neurological diagnosis. 

My family has traversed three mixed martial arts programs. James has earned

black belts from these schools. But, these programs faltered as martial arts schools with students who have disabilities. So, after twenty years in martial arts, my family decided it was time to step up and create our own program. James has worked tirelessly for his achievements and is giving back by helping Elite M.M.A. Center students with their vulnerabilities. 

Sensei James Orobono is the creator of a unique martial arts program. Our Mixed Martial Arts School is individually-based, unlike most martial arts schools where you must conform to their program! Sensei assesses all students monthly and adds details to each individual's curriculum. His credo for each student is "to be the best you can be!"

Sensei has created a program called "The Elite Warrior," where students have to learn and implement his warrior words in their lives. They can earn a star each month for their uniform. When they complete and achieve all seven stars, the student receives their Dragon Patch. In addition, a parent, teacher, and Elite Instructor can recommend a student receive a star for respect, consideration, self-control, determination, focus, discipline, and integrity. He has created a similar program called Joshu Stars for teenagers to earn seven stars by learning words that will help them make good decisions in life. These programs help Elite's students develop their inner qualities.

Sensei's instructional foundation utilizes praise-correct-praise; he does not want any negative reinforcement. If we are having difficulties with a student, he learns from that student and adjusts our teaching. There are many facets to teaching and learning

martial arts, which help create confidence within the student. Many students sometimes need to be taught, for example, about respecting personal space. Sensei takes the time to integrate these simple but essential lessons into class.

Students open up to new ideas through repetition, consistency, and the incorporation of exciting additions to our curriculum! An example is exhibition board breaking, which teaches how to break through mental barriers. Then, proper technique and power, the students remove the obstacle (the board.) Sensei equates this to taking a math test and not becoming overwhelmed. But, be prepared to power through and achieve your goal.

At Elite Mixed Martial Arts Center, Sensei has created an atmosphere for embracing martial arts culture. In addition, he has continued to enhance his craft by learning new disciplines and quelling his insatiable appetite for more knowledge through reading. This field is a exclusive gift if you consistently train and open yourself up to its merits! It is a program that continues to teach its vast traditions but includes new methods to help all students learn!  

Elite Mixed Martial Arts Center website -

Sensei James Orobono Webcast - Difference and Disability in the Martial Arts (YouTube)

Sensei James Orobono, 6th Degree

Elite Mixed Martial Arts Center

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