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FROM: Motsko Family Date: 3/10/2018

It has been one year this month of March that Matthew started his karate journey with you! We are very blessed to have found such a wonderful & dedicated program with top notched instructors who truly care about what they do! Thank you to each and everyone of you. You are all such an inspiration to the children & parents. Matthew has found his niche!

Thank you again - one year strong!!

FROM: Motsko Family Date: 07/14/2017

Thank you so much for coming to Matthew's school today to share with them karate moves!! Thank you for making karate fun! Matthew & I are very lucky to have found such a special-family oriented, caring & awesome karate instructors & karate school. Thank you again!

From: Ruth M. Date: 10/27/2016

We love Elite M.M.A. Was invited bye a friend for a free class and party and we knew we wanted to join! All the Instructors are all very welcoming and treat you like family. The Instructors are always in your corner to cheer you on and help whenever needed, Thank you Again for all you all do ♥ you all.

From: Jazmin S. Date: 9/15/2016

My son is 3 in the little Dragon class. The instructors are patient and knowledgeable. From day 1 they have taught him to be respectful, to listen , and to start learning martial arts in a fun way that keeps his attention!

From: Cheryl K. Date: 8/11/2016

The instructors really are the best. They work so well with the kids. They explain, encourage, congratulate. My kids love it there!!

From: Jennine H. Date: 6/17/2016

We love it Maria! They really show the enjoyment of mma. The kids really love the instructors and have a lot of respect for them! There are 7 different types of "karate/martial arts" plus self defense and anti bully info. It's an awesome place!!

From: Denise A. Date: 6/13/2016

3 years ago today Gabriella put on her Ghi for the first time. She has come so far in these 3 years, it is incredible. Gabriella went from barely being promoted to the 4th grade to making high honors twice in 6th grade. She went from being a shy, timid little girl to a friend making machine, who knows the difference between right and wrong and can stand up for herself when it is needed. Everything that Elite MMA has taught Gabriella in the past 3 years has blossomed her into the person that she is today and for that I am eternally grateful!!! Who would have thought that when her and I stepped foot into that school 3 years ago we would been part of such a wonderful family and made so many great friends. I would never turn back time and hope that Gabriella takes her Karate as far as she can take it. I am so proud of the person that she is becoming and can't wait to see what the future brings.

From: Tyler-Jordan Damien Date: 2/11/2016

This is an amazing family run martial arts school. Once you join you feel as if you are apart of this amazing family. They offer support in all aspects of life. Its one place where I know I can feel 100% safe. Cindy offers amazing advice and guidance in everyday life challenges and cares about everyone. I can honestly say this school saved me. This school taught me that with the right tools and mental perseverance you can and will accomplish anything. I earned my first degree black belt here. I started martial arts in 2005 where I first met Shihan. I can remember even back then he always pushed me to work harder and not give up. Unfortunately that school closed. I then went to another school for a few months but wasn't happy with how it was run. I was so upset because I enjoyed martial arts. I told myself I'd never get my black belt. Then one year I went to the autism walk and saw a demo performance. My mom regonized shihan and we went to talk to them a week later I was enrolled at Elite Mixed Martial Arts in Northampton. Since I was never at a school for more than 3 months I was surprised and amazed when I was there a year. I have tons of emotional problems and always felt like I had someone to talk to at the school when things were rough. Unfortunately I felt the need to leave school shortly after earning my black belt due to personal reasons but It was one of the best experiences in my life. I'm so happy I had the opportunity to be a student here.

Love you guys! Thanks for everything.

From: Gary T. Date: 2/25.2014

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Description of Experience: Martial arts instruction

Angie List Member Comments:

I am a beginning MMA student at Elite. I have years of experience in other styles.

Elite is awesome for a number of reasons. First the style itself is first class. Second the instruction is second to none, the instructors are patient without exception and there is none of the militaristic power play nonsense found in so many other dojos. They are obviously more involved in teaching MMA than they are in scalping their students for money like certain other schools I have experience with. In fact, I would challenge anyone to do better in that regard.


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